Biz English

Business English or BIZ English                         

Business English or Biz English for abbreviation is very important for students, business professionals, and professional people.  If you plan on being successful in the business system, or obtaining an online or university degree in business. Whether it be a traditional MBA, or even just navigate the English business system without a degree. Correct and proper Business English is vital to achieving the level of professionalism you need to be taken seriously in business.

You can try some of these guides that would help you improve your business English skills, business communications, business writing, business analysis, business vocabulary, business negotiation, and more business English related topics. Business English can help you better your business English skills.

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For more than 50 years, The Gregg Reference Manual has been recognized as the best style manual for business professionals and students. The basic rules that apply to the most frequent problems are covered as thoroughly as the fine points of the problems that occur less often. The colourful examples and illustrations offer easy-to-follow models to help resolve the difficulties encountered in everyday communications from e-mail messages to formal reports. New features include:

    • Up-to-date coverage on dealing with online source material and precautions to observe when citing electronic material


  • New searchable index: the website accompanying the book allows the reader immediate access to definitions and information on specific topics


  • Updated e-mail rules and expanded plagiarism coverage to meet the needs of changing technology

This text-workbook is a streamlined, no-nonsense approach to business communication. It takes a three-in-one approach: 1-text, 2-practical workbook, and (3) self-teaching grammar/mechanics handbook. The chapters reinforce basic writing skills, then apply these skills to a variety of memos, letters, reports, and resumes. This new edition features increased coverage of contemporary business communication issues including oral communication, electronic forms of communication, diversity and ethics.

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One more recommended Business English for business professionals

The best-selling style book, Style: Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace, Seventh Edition , presents principles of writing to help students diagnose their prose quickly and revise it effectively. The four sections-Style as Choice, Clarity, Grace, and Ethics-feature new principles of effective prose, chapter summaries for quick and easy review, and group exercises that encourage students to work and learn together. Williams offers these principles as reason-based approaches to improving prose, rather than hard and fast rules to writing well. Style, 7/e, empowers students to use their writing not only as a tool to identify and solve problems, but also as a method for exploring their own thinking.