English Chat Room

This English Chat Room is for the following suggested topics to chat about:
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  • Taking an academic exam in English like SAT or GED
  • Reading a good English book.
  • How to study English in an English chat room.
  • What is a good English novel, story, or magazine?
  • A famous Peron
  • Chatting about anything educational to improve your English chatting skills for example, grammar, writing, reading, or any English skill you need help with. Whether it is a general English skill or an academic English skill you can use this English chat room to overcome some of your weakness or area of improvement.
  • English teachers can also use this chat room for educational purposes with their students  to find out better ways to teach English to learners of English specially from other countries.
  • Class room management can be discussed in details with other English teachers, educators and some students may participate for feed back.
  • Students of English can interact with other students in discussions and chats about learning English skills.
  • Using voice chat can improve your English as well as typing room chats. Do not be shy or afraid of making mistakes. Chat freely!

English chat room is an educational room only.

Please keep the chat room clean and polite. 

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