ESL Students can find a list of information such as, educational games, learning material of the best sites for students studying English language or ESL. Students of English as a Second Language as well as English language learners can benefit from this site. Students of ESL and others can read, write, speak, and listen by using many different methods of learning English. They can use the e technology, e learning, and interactive ways to learn ESL in the comfort of their own home, work, car, bus or anywhere they choose to be.

  • First of all you need to search the topic you are looking for (what’s your weakness in English) and narrow it down so you can research it very easily.
  • For example, if it is grammar that you are looking for then you focus on grammar.
  • After you have located your topic you can then look for what type of grammar weakness you have.
  • For example you like to improve yourself on the past tense or present simple tense. That means you reached your aim or goal for this instance.
  • Next you look for past tense drills or exercises like irregular verbs vs. verbs with ed regular verbs in the past.
  • You find a list of the verbs you are looking for and then learn how to learn  them by heart and understand them well.
  • If you feel you covered the topic that’s great and you can move on.
  • Now you can go to making sentence in the past tense. Like I went to the college yesterday!
  • And that’s how you start your search on the net until you find all the topics needed to improve your English.
  • Step by step and topic by topic you will get to to your goal. Be patient and take it slow and remember if there is a well there is away.
  • Do the same for speaking. Take a look at some ESL/EFL Speaking pages. Then  listening go through ESL/EFL Listening. After that go to reading focus in the reading section ESL/EFL Reading, and finally, writing at ESL/EFL Writing. This way you can start improving fast by focusing your needs. Just remember focus on what you need to improve as in the examples above. Practice makes perfect.  Use a lot of examples to understand the lessons.

You can start by looking at some educational links and browse until you see what you need or what can help you reach your goals in English or ESL. Look around and read then decide.

After that you have found what you are looking for using the links then you can bookmark or add to favorites or simple print. Then come back to the site and read it or practice step by step. Do not push yourself take your time.

One important thing for the students if you are serious about improving your English.

  • Try to learn as many words or vocabulary as you can. This will build your confidence in English reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • You can can call this method word bank as you can add more words every time you learn a new one!
  • Just like having a bank account and you keep adding money to use the money when you need.
  • For example if you are in the school try to find any word that you do not know on a daily basis until you know all of them.
  • Same thing if you are in a supermarket, or hospital, or a restaurant, airport, and where ever you go! After you leaned these words try to make use of them or practice them anywhere you can.

You can make a table that looks like this:

This is a sample word bank:

Word               Meaning in English               Family            Example

_____               _______________             _____                _______

_____               _______________             _____                _______

You can make a word bank yourself or download and print this free of charge read more.  After that you can fill it up with as many word as you like or can. The more you words write the better your English have!

  •  Download a free printable word bank sheet Word-Bank to use daily.

To practice listening you can listen to English by songs and read the lyrics (the words of the song you wish to learn.) ESL students can start by looking at these pages below:

Another way to learn English or ESL is to study abroad in an English speaking country, like England Australia, USA, Canada or many others. They are many ESL students studying English this way.

  • As an ESL student you can apply to study the English course they offer.
  • There are many places to study and it all depends on your needs as an ESL student and financial situation!
  • In some cases if you do not have the money and have high marks or grades in your school or college ESL students might be able to get a scholarship to study. These are special cases and you need to apply for a scholarship.

After the ESL student have located the school or University then he or she can apply by

  • email or through a website and
  • then by mail to send your original transcripts or certified copies of the original.
  • You wait for the approval period after you have filled out the application form for enrollment
  • then the ESL school will send you all the documents needed.

More information for ESL students below: