ESL Writing

ESL Writing

ESL (English as a Second Langauge) writing is very important skill for studying English.

You need to learn how to write good English to be able to sucessed in English.

How to become better in writing English skills?

You need to follow the steps below:

  • Reading can help you writing better.
  • Writing articles, essays, short stories, journals, and diaries.
  • Writing a lot can improve your English.

You can practice your writing in many ways, such books, magazines, stories, and the internet. You can start by the doing following:

  • You can read short stories (depending on your level) like kids stories, or just simple written books or stories (basic).
  • Write stuff about the past (stories) use the past simple or simple past. Your childhood story. Your last summer holiday.
  • Write emails. Email can help you practice.
  • Chat in English on your smart phone by text messeges.
  • Email or write to a pen pal or a friend on a social network.
  • Use the translators or dictionaries (many of them and are is free).
  • Use a good spelling checker.
  • Practice online and its free.
  • Make it simple and basic.
  • Start by writing the present simple.
  • You can write facts, daily routine, and habits.
  • Make it simple with lots of examples.

Try to write something similar on your own. Write and do not worry about mistakes. write and KEEP writing. Practice writing English essays. You can start with 15 minutes a day or night. After you have finished writing, you can read it out loud.

If you know someone that is good in English, you can send it to them for correction. If you do not know anyone then you can use some of the internet sites for reading. In addtion, go to our forum and post your questions or essays and someone will help you with your reading practice.

If your writing is good then you need to make it better.

Reading newspapers, stories, books, and more advanced stuff can improve your writing level in English.

How to write ten sentences in English with many examples:

  • Write a complete sentence. Read more
  • Write ten sentences about your job in English. Read more
  • Write ten sentences about your school in English. Read more 
  • Write ten sentences about yourself in English. Read more
  • Write ten sentences about your daily routine in English. Read more
  • Write ten sentences about your favorite food in English. Read more
  • Write ten sentences about your favorite country. Read more
  • Write ten sentences about your job. Read more
  • Write ten sentences about your last holiday. Read more
  • Write ten sentences about your summer holiday. Read more
  • Write ten sentences about your hometown. Read more
  • Write ten sentences about Christmas. Read more

If you are looking to practice more ESL writing, take a look at the links below:

Recommended Books

ESL Writing, English Writing

Book Description
  • This collection will fill a huge gap in teacher preparation materials for writing center tutors.
  • The papers in this highly practical and well balanced collection will help tutors who work with ESL writers.
  • And those who train and supervise them not only with their one-to-one conferencing techniques
  • but also with the development of tutoring materials appropriate for L2 writers.
  • I commend the editors and authors for their valuable contribution to the L2 writing field.
  • Finally, a book written for writing center tutors who assist ESL students.
  • Combining practical tutoring advice with insights that build cultural bridges.
  • ESL Writers helps tutors create a more meaningful and effective exchange between themselves and non-native English speakers.

ESL Writers is divided into three parts:

The ESL Tutoring Session focuses on individual meetings with students whose primary language is not English.

Packed with helpful tips and new perspectives on familiar routines, this section demonstrates strategies likely to be effective with non-native speakers.

A Broader View adds depth and breadth to the discussion by demonstrating how writing centres abroad operate.

offers insights into the rules and conventions of English, and sharing the stories of ESL students who visit the writing center.

For tutors, this indispensable guide gives them the know-how to make better informed choices as they conduct sessions with ESL students.

ESL Writing, English writing

Recommended links for writing English

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Writing is the correct spelling not (writting, wrting, writting, or righting)