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How to Find An ESL/EFL/TESOL/TSL/TEFL Jobs                                         


To find a good teaching job you need to do your research or search in depth. you need to make sure you check many ESL/EFL websites and try the forums, and get some information on the school or the company you plan to work at. Check with the existing teachers in that school, find out as much information as you can about your school and your housing. 

There many ways to increase your chances of getting a better job by following the steps below:


1- Your resume (CV) format

Make sure you have the proper resume format, like if you are going to teach you need to focus on teaching experience, if you are and engineer you need to concentrate on the that, and so on. You can find examples of many resumes and you can also post your own resume here free. There are many ways to write a resume. Check out our sample resume format. Your resume can have different format, but make sure it has all the information needed and in to be very clear. Remember if you are applying for an overseas job it is recommended that you follow our sample format for better results in your job search.

2- Your Cover letter (self introduction) or Job Application Letter

You need to write an introduction letter about your self and the experience you have related to the job you are applying for. For some companies they require a job application letter or form to be filled out. For some samples and examples of cover letter please visit the resume forum


3- The job offer format

After they accept your resume, then you will get a job interview, then will be sent job offer by email you need to make sure that it is clear and meets the standard for that country. Here you can see a sample job offer for esl jobs in korea. This esl sample job offer is average and standard and most schools or companies follow that sample format offer.

4- The contract format

After reviewing the job offer make sure you contact and research the company and at least of the staff ( normally it will be given to you ). If they do not provide you with the website for the company and the city that you will be working in, it is recommended that you do so. After doing so you need to carefully read the contract and understand it very well ( some times you can request change if you would like that). Here you can find a sample job contract for esl jobs in korea. This is standard for most schools and companies. If you need more information about finding a job you can visit the forum Click Here