Learn English with Songs

Learn English with Songs

Are you ready to learn English with songs or karaoke? Then you are on, you can improve your English language by doing the following steps:

Choose an English song that you really like and know very well. (if you do not know any English songs then choose an easy song like kids or children song with pictures to learn English with songs step by step. After that go to the more difficult ones).

Find the lyrics or the words for that English song. (You can click on the link on the left or simply search the song you like online or internet).

Listen to the English song you have chosen. (By MP3, CD player, DVD, internet, etc)

Write the lyrics (words) of the song on a piece of paper or where ever you like.

Read the lyrics or the words of the song that you like and enjoy a lot. (Read them out loud and do not worry about making mistakes)

Understand the meaning of lyrics of the songs very well. (You can use a dictionary or online translation to help you find the meaning of the difficult words that you do not understand).

Now you are ready to sing the song in English and learn English with songs

Sing along with the singer like karaoke

You can also record your voice singing (lots of fun) then replay your sound and compare it with the singer on the CD, DVD, video clips, tape, or MP3 (the actual song)

You can also watch the music TV, or music on TV; to best learn English with songs or music, you need to follow the singers mouth movements, and try to imitate and follow their mouth and lips movements. This will increase your English speaking level and reduce your accent in a very short time if done properly! (one song per day or 3 songs per week)

Learn English with Songs and music are a lot of fun and excitement and you can improve your English in a fast and short time. You can also learn how to speak English and start some conversations

Below you can find many sites that will help you with your songs and music to learn English. Try and sing a song, it’s fun to learn English through music and songs. To find music lyrics click here

Looking for more song books or karaoke software  Click Here

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