Puzzles help English students and learners study, learn, and practice English:
  • Interactive puzzles online for example, word search, crossword puzzle hangman word game, words, numbers, Sudoku, chess, and more can be very beneficial in learning English language .
  • Students can play these games online or offline on a hard copy.
  • Teachers or students can use the offline version by using the print option.
  • Click on the print button or ICON above any of the puzzles to print a hard copy for your own use.
  • ESL students can benefit from these ESL puzzles to improve their English.
  • Many skills can be learned by them like vocabulary, reading, grammar, verbs, etc.
  • English teachers can use puzzles in their classrooms online or offline.
  • They can help the students or the learners study English general skills
  • They can help the students study English academic skills.
  • The students and the teachers can interact very well with these games and puzzles.
  • It is a fun way to study English in or outside the classroom.

Learning English takes a lot of time and effort from English earners and students. There are many different reasons to learn English for example, to study abroad, get a better job, or learn English as a language to travel and learn a new culture. What ever is your reason you can try learning English with games and puzzles. You can do this anytime and anywhere, offline or online. It is fun and easy to learn. Most importantly it is FREE.

It is recommended to use learning English puzzles on a daily basis and the duration between 10 to 30 mins a day. It will improve your English fast.

When you view puzzles or games online give the server some time to load them.