Crosswords puzzles are a very good practice for learning English. They help in learning spelling, reading, and writing in English. Vocabulary can also be increased by doing many of them in English.

There are many words in the English language and the more we know the better our English becomes. Doing as many crosswords in English is like a bank and the more words we put in the word bank we can read and write very well in English.
You can choose from interactive crosswords puzzles online or simply view and print, or download  then print some of them and use offline.

Some of these crosswords are difficult and some are very easy.

You can try to play this puzzle online:

You can download and print these free puzzles:

Crossword Nature      Crossword Classroom          Crossword Office

You can also download them in  word format:




Practicing your English with crossword puzzles will speed up the English learning  process and get you to learn English fast and with great deal of fun. You will enjoy learning English.

In addition to crosswords puzzles there are many different puzzles like scrambled words, word search, criss cross, and some others. You can try to do one each everyday or when you have time. Its free.

There are so many educational games out there, online and offline and they are free. Search for Educational or English learning games and you will find plenty.

English is fun to learn.