How to Learn English with Games

How to Learn English with Games?

There are many games you can play to learn English, like crosswords, hangman game, word search, and many other games.  This can be a big advantage to the way you learn English language and can improve your English fast. Plenty of educational games to choose from.

Choose a game that you really like and enjoy

Below are some examples of some popular games you can learn English with

Teachers and students can use these games to learn English.

  • Guessing the numbers game

How to learn English with games? (guessing the number)Choose a number on the white board, then you hide the number with your hand or with  a small object like small boar or a piece of paper. Then the students start guessing the numbers. for example if you choose the number 10, then the student guesses number 7 after that,  you say up the number then if someone says 6 you say up,  until you get to the number 10.

  • The Tail of the Word Game

One of the popular word games is Tail the word.  Choose a letter like d, then the students try to find a word that starts with the letter d- dog, then they need to find a word that starts with the ending letter of the last word played, in this case its g-go, o- open, n= new, and so on.

  • Bingo Game

How to learn English games? (Bingo game)

  • Bingo is great  great fun,
  • Students need a sheet of paper
  • Choose how many words in the bingo game
  • For example, 16 boxes
  • Tell the students to fill them up with words you choose
  • After you are finished filling out the boxes with the words you have chosen
  • Start calling out the words, each word you call the students have to cross it out
  • At the end you can see how many horizontal lines
  • And how many vertical line they have.
  • The one with most lines is winner.

This a sample bingo sheet.

You can make your own with any background of your choosing

Student Name ____________________________________
  • Hangman game or guess the word                                                                                            Play Game


  • How to learn English with games? (hangman game)
  • The students need to think of a word or a phrase.
  • For example, a color. Three letters

Hint drawing!

_ _ _

Answer is red

Another example, somersetting in the classroom. Four letters,

_ _ _ _

Answer is desk

The students have to guess the letter from A to Z and every time they miss the letter you can draw a body part. If they guess the word or the phrase before you finish drawing the whole body then they win. If they do not guess the word or the phrase and you have a complete picture of the body then they lose.

You can give hints as you go and depending on the level of your students you can make it easy or difficult.

Many students wonder how to learn English with games!

  • Try the games mentioned above.
  • Use English language for all the games.
  • Play a game you like a lot.
  • It is easy and fun to learn the language.
  • You can play with your friends and family.