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Sample Resume Format and CV sample format                                                         

To find a good teaching job you need to have a good resume. If you do not think that you have the right format or template for your job then you might consider our free sample resume format. Template and format of the resume or CV can vary please read the page below: 

To see the sample resume and sample CV or how to write a resume please read more its free! 

There are many different sample resume formats, also different countries may use different resume format or CV format. Also some countries prefer CV. It is a good idea to check the resume format in the country you are considering to work in. If you are looking for an example resume format of many teachers and professionals resumes or CVs you can find many examples and you can post your resume and view others resumes or CVs for free read more. This can give you an idea on how to write your own resume or CV.

Another Helpful idea is your cover letter, you need to write a small self introduction called the (cover letter) related you and your work called cover letter along with your resume or CV. Please check soon will add a new section on how to write a cover letter with free samples, formats and templates!

Good luck in your job search and If you need more information about finding a job or free posting of a resume you can visit the forum

Make sure your check your resume for errors even small errors, remember you are going to teach English it is very important to check the spellings by a computer or manually and its all free to use. Few errors or mistakes in your resume can reduce your chance to get the job you are looking for. Also some common mistakes for resume are resame or resamay. If you are not so sure about some of your spellings or the format of your resume, please follow the format of the sample resume on this page or if you like different sample resume formats and real teachers resumes, CVs, and cover letters you can visit the posting a resume or CV section and that can give a great idea on how to write your own free resume by looking at other resume or CV samples and templates. 

Note CV stands for Curriculum Vitae

CVs are a little different from resumes. CVs are usually longer than resumes. Basically it depends on the country and the industry you are working in.