English skills for students are very important to focus on when studying English:

To make your reading skills better then start with reading in English like English magazines, books, stories, newspapers, exercises, the lyrics of songs and anything that you like to read but make sure it is in English.

  • Listening skills

To make your listening skills better then start with listening in English like English radio, TV, shows, music, songs, movies, and anything you like but English only. Coming soon

If you want to speak English better then you can start with speaking in English with people you know like you brothers, sisters, family members, friends, roommate, flatmate, colleagues, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc. You can also do chats in English, voice chats, pen pal, and anyway you can practice your speaking! 

To do well in writing you need to write a lot, keep writing, start from easy short stories to the harder ones gradually. Start a small paragraph then try a bigger paragraph. Then try two paragraphs, and so on until you write a full page. Do not worry if you make mistakes just keep writing

Each one of those skills is essential to do well in any English course or exam.

Memories as many words as you can. It is like a bank account with words in it the more words you have in your bank the more you can speak, read, write, and listen in English. You will succeeded in English and have a better job with more vocabulary. The best way is to have a word bank sheet that you can fill up every day with some words. You can make your own by using your notebook or just a sheet of paper and add the words daily. You can also download our free Word-Bank  template and you can fill it up as you wish . Flash cards are another way to improve your vocabulary. Some free flash cards are created for your use