Exercise 1

Pre Intermediate lessons, examples and exercises for ESL and English learners and teachers free to use.

Lesson 1

This unit has examples of the present simple, presents continuous, the past simple, and present continuous for the future.

Example 1

Present tenses:

She lives with her parents

He speaks four languages

I am enjoying the coffee

We are studying at the college

Past tenses:

I went to Morocco last year

I came to Oman three years ago

Future tenses

I’m going to study since at the university

What are you doing tonight?

Exercise 1

Now it’s your turn:

Fill in the blank:

Went came is speak living going


Hi, my name___ Amy Joel, I ___ from Casablanca, a city on the west cost of Morocco.

I __________ three languages French, Arabic and English.

I’m ___________ in Sydney,  Australia now and I’m ___________ to study finance at the university.

I __________ Back to morocco twice!



Example 2

Questions with questions words

What where which how who whose when why


  • Questions can begin with a question word

Where is the gas station?

Whose is this phone?

Why are you in a flaming temper?

How does he go to work?


  • What, which and whose can be followed by a noun.

What sort of music do you prefer?

Which phone is yours?

Whose dictionary is this?


  • Which is generally used when there is a limited choice.

Which one is your brother? The blond one or the dark one?

Which one is your book? The red one or the yellow one?


  • How can be followed by adjective or adverb.

How big is her new car?

How fast dose it go?


  • How can be followed by much and many.

How much does it cost?

How many brothers and sisters have you got?


Exercise 1

Now it’s your turn:

Fill in the blank:

What where which how who whose when why


Mumgood morning Tim.are you today?

Tim:  oh dear mum I am a bit tired but I’m fine.

Mum: I did not hear you come home last night.  _______ time did you get in?

Tim: oh sorry I was late a bit. About 2am.

Mum: Oop too late.  _________  Did you go?

Tim: just around Betty s house.

Mum: oh there is a letter for you!

Tim: __________  is it from?

Mum: I don’t know! Open it.

Tim: Oh it is from Rebecca! She is coming to visit us, because she is going to learn English.

Mum: _______ and __________ is she going to?

Tim: next week, I don’t know

Mum: ______ is this phone? Did you buy a new one?

Tim: Oh mum no it is Betty’s phone.