Prepositions of Time

This English Lesson is about Prepositions of time in English

There are many prepositions in English and in this lesson will go over the popular time prepositions like on, at, in, with diagrams, images, examples and exercises.

We illustrated the prepositions of time for you in a very simple and easy way to understand as an English learner.

Prepositions of time examples of the most common ones.

On as a preposition of time


In as a preposition of time

At as a preposition of time

No preposition of time is needed

As shown above in simple diagrams, the way we use the most common prepositions of time in English.

  • When to use in, on, at or not to use any prepositions of time.
  • The best way to remember prepositions of time expressions is practice writing.
  • Doing many exercises of prepositions.
  • These diagrams of the prepositions usage can help you summarize.
  • Use them comfortably after practice.
  • These prepositions are the most common and popular ones in English.
  • Can be used in our daily life.
  • We can use time prepositions  in writing, reading, speaking and listening.
  • Using the right prepositions of time is very essential in learning the English.
  • Many English learners and students make these mistakes.
  • They find it hard to understand when to use these prepositions and why!

Practice makes perfect. You can to print or download these diagrams of time prepositions and memorize them. Then do some of the exercises below and try to check your answers on this site.

Try to do this exercise about prepositions in time expressions.