Present Simple

Lesson 1

In this lesson we will cover the present simple and present continuous.

We will compare with examples to make it clear for you to understand the difference between the use of present simple and the present continuous.

Present simple tenses:
We use the present simple in:

When the sentence is a fact we use present simple. For example,

  • She lives with her parents.
  • He speaks four languages.
  • The rises from the east.

When the sentence is a routine. For example,

  • I usually shop on Fridays.
  • She always drinks coffee in the morning.
  • We often play football on Fridays.
Present continuous tenses:
 We use the present continuous in action in process now.
  • I’m having a shower right now.
  • Now, I’m eating a burger.
  • I am teaching English at the moment.
  • We are having lunch now.
  • You are sleeping now.
Try to do an exercise about the present simple and the present continous