Present Simple Exercise 2

Present Simple Exercise 2

Examples and Exercises

On this page you can practice the present simple exercise 2 and present continuous tense. Many examples will be given to compare the use of the present simple the present continuous.

Example 1

Present simple tenses:

We use the present simple in:


She lives with her parents

He speaks four languages


I usually shop on Fridays

She always drinks coffee in the morning

Present continuous tenses:

 We use the present continuous in action in process now.

I’m having a shower right now

Now, I’m eating burger

Example 1

Now it’s your turn:

Fill in the blank:

smooks comes having reading enjoying Works


  • He ______ from France.
  • This is a great party. Everyone is ______ a lovely time.
  • I’m______ a wonderful book at the moment.
  • Right now, I’m ____ my time my son.
  • Leona _____ too much
  • She _____ at the bank



Example 2

Have and have got

Have and have got are the same but have got is informal we use it when we speak but not when we write:

The positive form:

I/We/YouThey Have/Have got Three sisters
He/She Has/Has got


I have got= I’ve got

She has got = she’s got

The negative form:

I/We/You/They Don’t have/Haven’t got Any brothers
He/She Doesn’t have/Hasn’t got


Questions form:

Do I We You They A house Have I We You They Got a house
  Does He She Has He She


Short answer form:

Do you have a car? yes, I do or no, I don’t

Have you got a car?  yes I have or no, I haven’t




Tick the correct sentence:

  • Do you have any sisters / do you have got any sisters
  • I don’t have a car / I no have a car
  • Do you have a house / Do you have got a car