Present Simple Exercise

Exercise 1

Present Simple Exercise 

Now it’s your turn:

Answers can be used more than once. Some of the answers are present continuous. You need to know the difference between present simple and present continuous before doing the exercise.

smokes comes having reading enjoying Works

Fill in the blank:

  1. He ______ from France.
  2. This is a great party. Everyone is ______ a lovely time.
  3. I’m______ a wonderful book at the moment.
  4. Right now, I’m _________ my time with my son.
  5. Leona _________ too much.
  6. She _________ at the bank.
  7. Tom __________ to class  late everyday.
  8. John __________  very hard everyday.
  9. We are ___________ a good magazine.
  10. They are _________ a good time at the beach.


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