Speaking Skills Practice Exercises in English

Improve your level by doing a lot of speaking skills practice exercises in English .

This Speaking skill exercise is about the students talking about picture cards with some facts on them in English language.

The cards are provided or you can make your own if you want to make it more exciting, easier or harder.

Below you can practice speaking skills in English or even develop it to you use it as a speaking test or assessment.

Look at the cards and the facts then make sentences about the the photo card you have. After you have finished writing some notes you can speak and say the story of your photo card. You can talk to another person, example, a friend or a family member or record your voice on a recorder, example your phone.

  • Lets start by selecting a photo card.
  • Then look at the information on the card.
  • Take some notes
  • Try to make a report or a story out of the photo card
  • Say what you gathered from the picture or photo.


  • DSC06467Name of boat: Dhow
  • Place: Sur, Oman
  • Color: Brown
  • Made of: Wood
  • Made in: Oman
  • Used by: Fishermen
  • Size: small – Big
  • History: Very long time


In this speaking skills exercise you can talk or make a little report like this:

Dhows can be big or small. They are made in Oman by Omani people. Dhows are made of wood. They are usually  brown in color and used by fishermen, They come in different sizes big and small. The dhows existed for a very long time.

Above is the way we would make a photo with facts into a speaking skill conversation practice or exercise.

Basically you can just talk about the photo. The facts give you more information about the picture.

Now the second photo card. Please do the same thing as the above.

Speak about the photo and its facts.

  • Place: Sur, Oman4
  • Name: Fort
  • Size: Big or small
  • Age: Very old
  • Color: Brown
  • Made of: Clay
  • Made by: Portuguese 




Now you can try to speak about the fort.

This fort is located in Sur, Oman. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Do not forget to record your voice or let someone listen to you making the report or the presentation.

More Speaking skills practice exercises in English are coming in the near future, speaking activities, practices, and exercises all free and in English language. Good Luck.