Writing in English is very essential and many students or English learners find it very difficult to study and understand.

There are formal and informal writing in English:

1- Informal writing is when you are writing like you are speaking or talking and can be used in the below situations

  • Informal English writing like writing a text message to a friend
  • or chatting on the phone or online,
  • Writing an email to family and friends

2- Formal writing is used in professional settings and have to be correct and long detailed sentences to get your point in a professional way like

  • Writing for your boss.
  • Writing your home work
  • Examinations
  • Applying for a job.
  • Writing for a bank.
  • Invitation letters.
  • Any letters that are addressed to a professional situation.

For English students and teachers we will give some examples for some simple and basic English writing essays. 

How to write  short essays for:

  • English writing class read more
  • English technical writing class.
  • Business English writing class
  • Letter writing
  • formal and informal writing