The verb to be

ESL Worksheet

The verb to be for Beginners

Present tense of the verb to be =  (is, are, am)

Past tense of the verb to be = (was, were)

Below is a worksheet for the Present tense of the verb to be

ESL Students and teachers can use this drill or worksheet 1 to be to practice in class or at home. Print this worksheet it is free.  Teachers and students can also scroll down to find the answers in the answer key for this worksheet at the bottom of this page.

Fill in the space with the verb to be (is, are, am)

  1. His name ———- mike.
  2. Sara ——— a tennis player.
  3. What ———– your name?
  4. How much ——- this sandwich.
  5. They ——  football players.
  6. Where —— you from?
  7. What time —– it?
  8. When —– you going back to England?
  9. We —- at the college every day.
  10. Jim and Emma ——- students at the university.
  11. I —- Eric, whats your name?
  12. I  — hungry today.
  13. I —— happy today.
  14. He —- sad today.
  15. She —- pretty.

Past tense of the verb to be coming soo


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Answers for  ESL worksheet 1 to be:

  1. is
  2. is
  3. is
  4. is
  5. are
  6. are
  7. is
  8. are
  9. are
  10. are
  11. am
  12. am
  13. am
  14. is
  15. is