ESL chat room is an educational chat room.
It is for learning English or ESL. It is an English study chat room. Please keep the chat polite, clean, and on topic.
  • ESL Chat Room is for ESL students to improve their English.
  • Practice English with other English speaking people.
  •  Chat about English course, academic exams, discuss lessons.
  • Conversational English, speaking, and listening.
  • The use of  online technology.

ESL learners can talk about many interesting topics in the ESL CHAT ROOM like:

Please choose your chat topic then click on it.

 The red color to enter the chat:

Students and teachers of ESL or English can ask questions in the ESL chat room:

  • Teacher of English can chat or ask questions about:
  • English lessons, job locations, cultures, food, customs, accommodations.
  • Living abroad, finding a good teaching job, weather conditions.
  • Lake good conversations with others teachers or ESL students
  • Students learning English can chat or ask questions about:
  • Studying English, grammar, writing, reading,.
  • Academic skills and general skills in English.
  • Other students from an English speaking country.
  • Other ESL teachers or educators.
  • How to use ESL chat rooms regularly.
  • It is a good idea to have your questions ready before you enter the ESL ROOM to study English.
  • This way you are not going to be shy about it.
  • You can enter the room well prepared.
  • Your questions are ready. For example, a grammar questions.
  • A good learner prepares his/her English or ESL lessons in advance.

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