Teachers Stuff

Teachers of English and ESL. Lots of  ESL resources and materials, such as, lesson plans,  classroom management, writinggrammarlisteningpronunciationsreadingreport cardsawards and certificates for students, and online teaching. In addition to ESL jobsresumes, and the discussion forum, for any questions regarding the ESL industry. Teachers can prepare lessons, and find extra materials to teach as a supplementary to text books. Such as, printable materials, games and puzzles.

Students Stuff

Students can practice their English in many aspects with many ESL resources  for students, like readingwritinggrammarlistening, interacting in the ESL forum, and a lot more.  Students can study at home or with their friends or after they finish school. Top-notch custom writing service for ESL students. Chat room in English is also available to practice your English and ask questions regarding your English needs Like conversational skills, reading, etc.

Certification and Training

It is recommended that teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL), to get certified before they start teaching English overseas or abroad. There are many ways to get certified, and a lot of schools that offer these teacher training and courses like CELTA, TEFL, TESOL, TESL Certificates to teach ESL abroad. If you are a new teacher, or would like to increase your chances of getting a better job or better pay in the ESL industry. The courses are offered online and offline. Teachers can study online or by distance and can save some money. Also teachers can choose offline courses and physically attend classes but this option is more expensive. Here you can find some of the schools worldwide.

ESL Jobs Board

A wide variety of job ESL resources  like TEFL jobs offered and wanted to Teach English as a Second Language (ESL) for example, South Korea, Asia, Europe, Japan, South America, China, North America, Australia, and international ESL jobs around the globe. You can post your resume or CV for free. Teachers can also view and apply for ESL jobs worldwide. Also a job discussion board is available, to ask questions about the country or the school you are interested in teaching overseas.  Read more. You can also find ESL links and ESL job links.

English Exams

English is very important and required to enter the universities in most countries in the world and in some cases, English is needed for living and working in another country. These exams are designed for non English speakers or non native English speaker. The major three exams are: TOEFLTOIECIELTS. To achieve a good score you need to practice a lot because of the time limit and the exam settings. Practice exams are the way to go because you can get a feel of the real exam and be comfortable in the actual exam. ESL resources can help you find the right places online and offline.

Finding an ESL Job

Depending on your preferences regarding the pay, salary and the location, where do you want to teach. It is always a good idea to follow a procedure to find the right job. For example your resume and how it is related to your teaching experience. Writing the resume can get you a better chance of a better job. You will also need to know about the job offers in that country, and the contracts and decide if it’s the right ESL job for you or not! It is highly recommended, that you take a look at how to find an ESL job abroad or oversees, before going there specially if it is your first time.

Games and Printable

Games are very good way to practice English. Parents and kids. These games can be used for their students and kids in the classrooms or at home. Like word search, game of the day, and crosswords. You can also make your own puzzle or game to suit your classroom and students needs. Learning English is fun when you have the right ESL resources!

Songs and Music

Learners of English can benefit from songssongs lyrics, and music in English. They can learn English by singing along the song they choose and enjoy. Finding the right ESL resources like Karaoke online or APPs can make learning with songs very easy and enjoyable.

Online Dictionary

Understanding English for non English speakers can be hard sometimes, and the need for a good English dictionary can be a necessity if you are a beginner. You can find some links to some major dictionaries online for kids, students, teachers, and parents.  Dictionaries of English can be technical, scientific, academic, or general. Also English dictionaries online can be used for traveling, studying abroad, or working in an English speaking country. There are many free online websites that offer free instant  translations, and many APPs offer the same service.

Verbs and Idioms

The English language has many, irregular verbsphrasal verbsidioms, and expressions. To master the English language you need to know most of them.

Kids Stuff

Kids can learn English fast by using kids search engines in English, and English websites for kids

News and articles

A selection of news sources and articles for ESL/EFL/TEFL/TESL to choose from, and read about what’s happening in the world regarding English as a Second Language.