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IELTS = International English Language Testing System                         

IELTS is International English Language Testing System. IELTS is an English language test or exam for international students and developed by Cambridge. IELTS is accepted by many universities all over the world. IELTS test or exam comes in two types: Academic and General. The academic is for students seeking to enter the university and continue there education such as, undergraduate studies or graduated studies, etc.


General IELTS is for those people need to evaluate there English skills for purposes other than education, such work, or living aboard, etc.

IELTS test is graded on a scale from 1 - 9 and depending on the university or the institute on how much you need to score on the test before getting accepted by that school or organization.

If you score 1 on the Ielts test then your ability is very low and poor, if you score 9 then your level is excellent and advanced.

The contents of IELTS test is four components:

Speaking, reading, writing, and listening. You will be scored on each section individually and you also get scored on your total.

It is important that you do your practice exams before entering the actual exam. Many students go with out practicing and they do not do very good and get confused and scared to take it again, it is very simple you need to get your self familiar with the exam before taking the certification. Time is very important so you need to time yourself or stopwatch. Now adays most of us have smart phone or mobile phones with stopwatches. you need to time your self to the time allocated to you for that section. do not waste your time if you do not know one question but proceed to the next one.

Second find your weakness in which section is it? after the practice test/exam you need to evaluate yourself (a sheet is given). then you can find your weak spots in the practice exam. You can then practice the section that you did bad more times to feel confident.

To study IELTS you need to have the right materials, such as books, CDs, and practice tests. It is very important to get yourself familiar with the test before taking the actual test.


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  • Note: The spelling is IELTS not (ILTS, ILTES, AELTS, ILETS, or ELTS)