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English Teacher Online (Learning English Lesson)                                                        

Learn (English as a Second Language/Foreign Language) Live One-On-One from your computer at home, office or (anywhere and anytime you choose)

Teaching English learning English on the internet is one of the fastest growing methods of teaching ESL, EFL, or English lessons. Online teaching system has proven to be one of the most effective ways to learn (English as a Second or Foreign Language) from a native speaker of English and with a very clear accent (very standard pronunciation) and very culture oriented, as the teacher would also teach you the culture and learn yours too. Learning English is not just learning the language it is learning the cultures, making friends, planning trips, and travelling, etc...


Learning ESL/EFL on line has many advantages:

The reasons why and the types of English lessons Online:

  • Learn English lessons from your home, room, or office (any where in the world, you choose the place)

  • English lessons can be taken at your own convenience (any time you like, you choose the time and the day)

  • Find the most relaxed place for you to Learn your English lessons in a very relaxed and fun environment (which makes it easy to learn with out stress or nervousness)

  • Students and professionals can choose their own tailored professional English lesson or technical English lesson for their career or for their University or College, like Science, medicine, technical issues, learn how to use computers and internet in English, and how to use the English free resources on line)

  • Our lessons take you on some virtual tours, in the lesson the exploration of websites that will show you how things look like in a particular country with out being there. Just a click away from your computer and you and your English tutor can be discussing any country in the world.

  • Learn how to plan a trip overseas or abroad  with English for travelling lessons  (you can get help if you are planning to travel overseas)

  • Learn how to cook and dine in or out in English for cooking lesson (want to explain how to cook something, but do not know how? Example: How to cook Kim chi! for Korean learners)

  • Create your own English lesson and choose your English tutor (the way you like it) We help you tailor your needs, and we focus on your needs, example: speaking, listening, grammar, spelling, writing, etc.. YOU decide and choose to have a free talk lesson or just using books, or both. it is up to you what you want to learn. if you do not have a plan we can make one for depending on your level.

  • We have a 30 minute Free Trail lesson (totally free) then choose if you want to start or stop. you choose any time to drop from the course. 

  • Accent reduction 

  • pronunciation improvement

  • learn how to be not shy (introvert vs extrovert)

  • feel free to ask any question and we will answer yours

  • English Schools recommendations

  • English books recommendations

  • English songs, and lyrics teachings

  • Help with resume (CV) and work help

  • Help with exams, like, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS

  • Lean how to have fun in English (learn how to go out, dancing, clubbing, camping, tour trips, in English do not be shy, do not let English stop you from where you are going, by learning English very well you will increase your chances to successes in your life.

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Type of English lessons and  English courses:

  • Conversation lessons (free talk)

  • Speaking lessons (practice your speaking and listening)

  • Reading lessons (books, stories, magazines, articles)

  • Writing lessons (articles, short essays)

  • Understanding and vocabulary lessons (more words to learn)  

  • Grammar lessons (phrasal verbs, and idioms, and more)


There are three ways that you can learn English online:

  • Live one on one chat and conference room (speaking and talking live with your English teacher or tutor)

  • live one on one chat and conference room ( Typing and writing live with your teacher)

  • Emails, you can choose just to learn any English topic or lessons by Email only ( your English teacher or tutor will reply to you by email) 

  • New Phone lessons. (learn English by telephone), you have phone conversations with your  English tutor, and tell them about your day, and more..


Requirements for PC (personal computer)



Requirements for Phone lessons

  •  Home phone or a land line (not a Mobile or Cell or Hand phone)


English lesson Materials:

The materials for the lesson are designed and created by the English teachers and discussed with learners to get there food back and approval, like articles, internet articles, topics chosen by the students according their needs, many resources available and we study all the materials, online, games, crosswords, lesson plans, phrasal verbs, idioms, songs, and much more depends on the level of the students 

In addition to the tailored material for your English lesson, Students or learners of English can choose any of the books below to add to their lesson or can just use the books if they like. It all depends on what the learner wants in his lesson.

Books used for adults

Intro interchange

New Interchange I

New Interchange II

New Interchange III


Headway Plus Beginner

Headway Plus Elementary

Headway Plus Pre Intermediate

Headway Plus Intermediate


ESL/EFL or English lessons for kids



English Teachers

  • All our English teachers has clear accent

  • Native speakers

  • Hold a bachelor degree (4 years)

  • Have experience teaching abroad TESOL

EFL/ESL Students

  • Our students from all over the world

  • Many from Korea, Japan, china, Europe, South America, Middle East, Africa, Asia and all over the world.

  • Level of students are from 1 -3 and all ages (we have 3 levels) plus they create your own level or course

If you have any further questions or for more information please contact us at: