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ESL/EFL Grammar                                                                                                        

Reading, Listening, grammar, and speaking are all important. In this section you will get an idea how grammar can help improve your English and ESL. Grammar is very important and by understanding it you can speak, listen, and write better and properly. You can start by practicing easy and basic grammar links and books, below you can choose some great links that can help you improve your grammar. Also you can find quizzes and tests online. You can start with beginner grammar books. You can start learning the past and the present. Also the irregular verbs, pronouns, and the verb to be.



Learn simple past tense

Learn how to write

Learn grammar with Songs

Learn grammar with games  

Learn English Pronunciations

Learn English speaking

Looking for ESL/EFL (English as a Second Language) Listening Click Here

Looking for ESL/EFL (English as a Second Language) writing Click Here

Understanding the fundamentals of grammar is the first step to impressive writing. A few of the topics covered in this DVD include: the parts of speech, common nouns and pronouns, verb tenses, conjugations, and compound sentences. The Standard Deviants provide you with a fun, effective way of learning with their unique blend of helpful study tips and comic relief. (Formerly titled "English Grammar 1 DVD")

Save money! The Standard Deviants English DVD 3-Pack contains English Composition DVD, English Grammar 1 DVD and English Punctuation 1 DVD. You get all three DVDs at a discounted price.

Learning Grammar is a BLAST with 3rd Grade Grammar! Play dozens of interactive games to master grammar at school and at home. Special write-on pages allow you to practice proper punctuation, spelling and capitalization rules right in the book with the included erasable marker. Themes like outer space, ancient Egypt and baseball make learning grammar easy and fun. Includes parent guide with all of the grammar rules.


The step-by-step system that will help your child learn to read. JumpStart Phonics is an integrated learning system that teaches essential phonics skills–the building blocks of reading. With Voice-Recognition Technology, your child plays fun learning games and receives immediate feedback as he hears, sees and speaks phonetic sounds. Then, enhance reading skills away from the computer with three JumpStart skill-building workbooks. JumpStart will help your child become a confident reader. Kids Learn: Sound recognition, Letter recognition, Word building, Rhyming, Digraphs, Spelling, Vocabulary words, Consonants, Vowels, Blends, and more.

Grammar Links

TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links - ESL : Grammar and English Usage

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Grammar Activities (Ohio ESL)

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A guide to learning English as a second language

ESL Resources, Handouts and Exercises for Students and Teachers

James Rainville's ESL Page, Primary and Secondary Grammar Page

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Note:  Grammar is the correct spelling not (grammer, gramar, grammr, grmmr, gramr, gramer, or grmar