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ESL GAMES                                                                                                      

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Printable word search games

Printable scramble games

ESL or EFL games for English as a Second language, by the use of games, like crosswords, hangman, etc. This can be very helpful in the way you learn ESL and can improve your English in a very short time, to gain from educational games you can follow this: First choose a game that you really enjoy very well. for example, you can choose Hangman then play with your classmate or friend or partner, below you can find many games to help you learn ESL or EFL  

Try these games in the classroom for ESL teaching:



Guessing the numbers game

You choose a number on the white board, then you hide the number with your hand or with  a small object like small board...etc. Then the students start guessing the numbers. for example if you choose the number 5, then the student guess number 7 you say down, then if someone says 4 you say up until u get to the number 5 and then they win the game play again..

Word game or tailing or word tail

you choose a letter like s, then the students try to find a word that starts with the letter s- study, y- young, g- go, o- open, new, w- window.....etc. you can play many letters.

Bingo Game

You have the kids to play bingo and have great fun, they need a sheet of paper and you need to choose how many words in that bingo game. You can choose for example, 16 boxes and then tell the students to fill them up with words you choose. After you are finished filling out the boxes with the words you have chosen then you can start calling out the words, each word you call the students have to cross it out, and at the end you see how many horizontal lines and how many vertical line they have. The one with most lines would win the game.

This a sample bingo sheet with picture in the background.

This is a sample sheet you can use different styles or shapes for your bingo game sheets

You can use colour sheet or black and white sheets or just plain white.







Student Name ____________________________________

Hangman game

You get the students to think of a word or a phrase and you draw

For example, a colour

_ _ _

Answer is red

Another example, a classroom item

_ _ _ _

Answer is desk

The students have to guess the letter from A to Z and every time they miss the letter you can draw a part of the body. If they guess the word or the phrase before you draw the whole body then they win. If they do not guess the word or the phrase and you have a complete picture then they lose

You can give hints as you like and depending on the level of your students. You can play this game with all levels.


Below more games..

Print word search games

Print scramble games

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 Some books and Links below:

   Book description

ESL Active Learning Lessons. This book offers an invaluable resource for English as a Second Language teachers. Each unit provides practice and reinforcement in the use of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Vocabulary will develop as students acquire basic content, concepts, and skills related to a variety of fundamental subjects. Topics covered include: The Human Body, Following Directions, Fruits, Insects, Animals, Money, Measurement, Signs, Plants, Cafeteria, Safety, Weather, and Transportation. 144 pages.


Book description

ESL Games and Classroom Activities is a collection of reproducible and ready-to-use exercises for English as a Second Language students of all ages. These are some of the many efficient exercises I have created and used during my career as an ESL teacher. Activities in this book are intended to get students to take initiative and be more involved in the classroom. This collection of 80 activities covers a wide variety of topics in language areas such as Spelling, Grammar, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Vocabulary and Word Structure, and Pronunciation. Exercises in this book include Vocabulary, Icebreakers, Discussions, Grammar, Word Order, Role-playing, Socializing, Fill in the Blanks, Classifying, Word Matching, Journal Writing, Games, Peer Interviewing, Rhyming Words, Storytelling, Writing Topics, Spelling, Vowels, Consonants, Clustering, Oral Presentations, Word Association, Proverbs, Suffixes and Prefixes, On the Map, and many more. This book contains easy-to-use language-generating activities to increase students’ motivation and participation. · Exercises and games are clearly explained, and short definitions are given where necessary. · Each activity starts on a new page to allow photocopying for classroom use. · Students can complete exercises individually, in pairs, in small groups, or with the whole class. · Exercises can be completed in class or assigned as homework. · An Answer Key is included at the back of the book. These activities are designed to build self-esteem and develop new language skills or reinforce skills already mastered in all language areas. With these fun and surprising exercises, students will be motivated, challenged, and inspired in their learning process. Teachers will find these activities attractive and useful in making their lessons more pertinent and fun.



Book description

Great ideas for assessing your ESL studentıs needs, communicating with the childıs family, and more! Plus vocabulary-building mini-books


ESL Games and stuff

Product Features

  • Learn musical concepts and develop important listening skills

  • Hear musical differences in endings, repetitions, and variations

  • Challenging, fun-filled games adjust to skill-level of user

  • Parent/teacher management tool tracks a child's progress

  • Easy to use; integrated audio offers guidance where needed

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