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ESL/EFL Speaking

English Speaking specially for English as a Second Language, you need to speak as much as you can, with your friends, partners, listen to radio. Practice by singing a song, or repeat and record your voice and compare ( you can use books, CDs, DVDs, or the internet), below you can find many great links for your speaking practice. Role play by speaking to each other, it is very important that the students speak in English as much as they can.

Below some recommended books and links:

One of the most common problems facing ESL teachers is the advanced speaking class in which the most confident students dominate the discussion and the weaker students quickly withdraw. Discussion Starters is designed to balance the oral participation of all the students in the class and thus promote an environment in which everyone has not only a chance but a real need to speak out.
Each unit contains a relatively small number of exercises (usually around five) which provide speaking interaction about a central topic or idea. In most of these activities, students must work together in pairs or small groups to reach a conclusion about a topic. Other discussion books on the market today often use imaginary situations for discussion (e.g., "If you had a million dollars, what would you do?"). The activities and tasks in Discussion Starters are real situations from all over the world. When students are asked what they would do in a given situation or how a judge should rule in a case, all the material is real.
Naturally, teachers may assign additional readings to supplement the topics in Discussion Starters; however, there is ample background material in the text to start students on their way to a discussion. Thus, students can spend their class time speaking about and discussing topics rather than reading about them. A unique and important feature of this text is the inclusion of homework exercises that call on students to sort out their ideas and opinions before coming to class. This allows all students to be prepared for the speaking activities in class and is of special importance to the weaker, less confident non- native speakers.


This valuable workbook and CD set can turn any English speaker into an accomplished debater.
The student-centered format is suitable for large and small classes alike. Each of the ten chapters offers a "language focus" and a "debate focus." As students learn new debate skills, they also build important language skills.
Make Your Point! will benefit everyone from high school students to business people.
A CD for all practice conversations is attached on the inside cover.

Talk English 

Read, write, and speak


English Pronunciation, Speaking and Conversation Help for ESL

EL Easton - English - Speaking

Wklinger Card Games for Speaking & Talking: ESL/EFL Language

High Intermediate

ESL speaking activity

ESL Speaking and Listening

Breaking News English

Learning English with Laughter - ESL speaking activities

NIUSI - A Language-Focused Needs Analysis for ESL-Speaking Nursing

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