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Get certified with one of the most important exams and certifications for non native speakers to enter colleges and universities abroad. You can practice the test by using sample exams or practice exams, there are many ways to get these exams, like online, internet, books, libraries, and colleges.


The most effective way to to pass is that you need to know of TOEFL. You need to time yourself on each section, listening, speaking, reading, grammar, and writing. It is very important to practice many times and many different sample or practice exams as possible. After you get an idea on how to take the exams and what to expect from it and the time limit you can now proceed to the actual exam and book for your examinations to get the certification.

One other thing you need to keep in mind that when you take the sample or practice exams/tests then you need to focus on your weakness and make sure that you tackle the problem before you go to the actual exam/test. For example, if you scored low in the reading then you need to do more reading practice exams (just the that section). If your weakness is the listening then you need to practice more listening exams and listening techniques and methods to improve your listening and that's how you get your self up to speed and pass the test with great marks.

Of course there is a way of evaluating your self and knowing what is/are your weak areas or subject. In each practice exam there is a sheet to evaluate your self and to give you your scores. You need to evaluate yourself correctly so that you can understand what are you doing!

You also need to pay attention to the exam time because it is very crucial to you in the exam. as most students say there are not enough time. you need to be fast and prompt.

There are many places in which you can take the TOEFL exam or certifications. Check in the country you live in and where is the nearest center where the exam certification takes place in that country.

You need to make sure that place is certified by the official TOEFL EXAM.

What is TOEFL:

The test of TOEFL is an English language test designed for non English native speakers. The test of TOEFL is for entering the university, collage, or institute to get your degree or diploma for your higher education. You can also asses your English skills by taking the test. Also the Toefl test can be taken to achieve a scholarship, work, promotions, etc. The test consists of 4 parts or sections: reading, writing, speaking, and listening (all about one hour each). You need to prepare well before taking the test of Toefl and when you enter the exam you need to concentrate and try to answer the questions that you know (time is very important and can not be wasted on  one question) for example if you think there is a question that you are not so sure about leave it and go to the next one if you have time later you can come back to it. time can be a major factor to get a better score in your test. In the listening section try to listen carefully to the speakers. Normally it is better it take a sample test before entering the actual exam (getting your self familiar with the test can save you a lot of time and increase your score). To study TOEFL you need to have the right materials, such as books, CDs, and practice tests. It is very important to get yourself familiar with the test before taking the actual test.

 If you have any questions please visit our forum and someone will answer your questions.

Recommended Books and CDs for TOEFL Exam


  Book Description

Higher Score Guaranteed!

Kaplan's TOEFLŽ Exam Workbook with 3 Audio CDs, Second Edition provides a complete review of all the material on both the computer-based and paper-based TOEFLŽ exam, plus targeted practice for all sections of the test. This review, plus Kaplan's powerful test-taking strategies, makes TOEFLŽ Exam Workbook a highly effective tool to help you score higher on the TOEFLŽ exam and make yourself more competitive for admission to an American university.

in every section of the TOEFLŽ exam with comprehensive lessons in Structure, Writing, Reading Comprehension, and Listening Comprehension.

with detailed information on the test, plus hundreds of practice questions to build your skills in important TOEFLŽ concepts.

with 3 full-length practice tests with complete score analysis and 3 audio CDs for listening comprehension and vocabulary review.

Score Higher
with effective strategies for budgeting time, understanding directions, managing stress, and more.

Special Audio CDs Feature: Listening comprehension lessons Vocabulry review 3 listening comprehension practice test sections

Test Prep, Admissions and Guidance. For life.

Kaplan has helped more than 3 million students achieve their educational and career goals. With 185 centres and more than 1,200 classroom locations throughout the United States and abroad, Kaplan provides a full range of services, including test preparation courses, admissions consulting, programs for international students, professional licensing preparation, and more.

Another book recommendations:

 Book Description
This new 11th edition offers complete and up-to date preparation for the Paper-Based TOEFL and the Computer-Based TOEFL, with a preview of the Next Generation TOEFL test. There is extensive practice-even for students who don't have access to a computer. The manual includes a review chapter for each section of the TOEFL, including the new Speaking Section, and presents nine full-length model tests for the Computer-Based TOEFL, with questions answered and explained, along with one full-length model test for the Next Generation TOEFL and a practice test for the TOEFL Academic Speaking Test (TAST), with example answers. This compact disc-and-book package provides the audio versions for the Listening Comprehension sections of all model tests.

More Toefl books to choose from:


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TOEFL Test Preparation from International Students


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Note: The spelling is TOEFL not (TEOFL, TOFEL, TOFLE, TOFL, TOEFEL, or TOFL)

Visit the new ESL FORUM you can discuss and post any educational questions (there is a Toefl section) or list a new topic and will try to answer it